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Mold testing is an important procedure every home or business owner should conduct on their premises if they suspect mold growth. This is especially true if you've experienced flooding or water issues that could likely raise the humidity levels in your indoor space. If you're a McKinney, Texas, resident or real estate owner, we are your best bet to getting premium mold testing services.

What Is Professional Mold Testing?

Professional mold testing is a process carried out by mold experts to check the strains of mold present in a place and their concentrations. In this way the indoor test results can be compared to outdoor test results to see if there is increased quantities of mold indoors. This process is completed by mold testing service providers who are experienced and certified in setting up sampling protocols and methods for mold testing and result interpretation.

Professional mold testing processes should also follow guidelines recommended by relevant bodies and authorities. These bodies include the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Professional mold testing is also carried out using industry-grade equipment to ensure accuracy.

Our Mold Testing Process

If you live in McKinney and think your home or business needs a mold testing service, we're your best option. Our mold testing process is straightforward and will give you the information you require.

Sample Collection

We take samples from your HVAC system and surfaces that are likely to be affected by mold. These surfaces include carpets, walls, furniture, and upholstery. We collect samples using tapes, cotton swabs, or by carefully detaching a piece of moldy material and then sending it to our laboratory.

Air Quality Tests

We use devices like the slit impaction sampler and air pumps to collect mold spores on your premises. The essence of this sampling is to help us determine the number of mold spores present in your space. Collecting air samples from your indoor space and your outdoor environment are two main steps in mold testing procedure. We then compare the mold content of the indoor air sample with that from your outdoor environment to determine the excess mold content.

Laboratory Examination

Upon successfully collecting relevant samples from your premises, we send the labeled samples to an independent mold laboratory for examination and thorough analyses. After receiving the full and detailed report we will tell you if you're dealing with mold growth indoors that needs to be addressed.

Why You Need Mold Testing

Mold testing is a process you need to carry out in your home or business for some very important reasons:

  • First, you need mold testing to ensure that the new home you're moving into does not have mold lurking in walls or beneath surfaces.
  • Mold testing helps you understand your indoor air quality to find effective ways to improve it.
  • Mold testing helps you get ahead of mold when you experience plumbing leaks, flooding, or moisture issues that could elevate the mold count in your premises.
  • Mold testing helps mold experts with creating a remediation protocol that is most ideal for your living space in the event of an infestation.
  • It also helps ascertain if the health symptoms you or your family members may be experiencing are associated with mold or not.
Carpet & Upholstery Protectors Mold Testing Service

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Have you just moved into a new home or office in McKinney? Or did you just experience water leaks and plumbing issues in your premises and suspect mold may be right under your nose?

Remember: without proper pre-testing and inspection, it is not recommended to start a mold remediation procedure.

Our process is thorough and will help you determine the best way to go about mold remediation on your premises.

We work together with our local partners, O2 Mold Testing, who are mold experts, licensed and certified to provide mold testing services that will reveal the characteristics and amount of mold in your space - even when you can't see them. This partnership allows us to help more of our customers with reliable, unbiased mold testing for their properties, with greater availability and improved response times.

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